COVID-19 Closure

To all of our valued supporters, family and friends:

Presently, we are faced with a very challenging situation
regarding the COVID-19 virus. After tremendous contemplation we
have made the decision to temporarily close Mona’s Roti. Due to
our concerns for our staff and supporters regarding their health
and safety during this difficult time, we feel we have made the
right choice to suspend our operations - effective immediately.
We plan to re-open for business on Monday April 6th, in
accordance with the recommendations from the Ministry of Health.
Although we are classified as a “take-out” restaurant, our
situation and set up is very unique. We need a fair amount of
staff members to carry out day to day operations, all of whom
work very closely together. This is the magic of Mona’s Roti and
we will do nothing short of protecting those who see this
through each and every day. Over the past few weeks, our team
has worked diligently at sanitizing high traffic areas multiple
times per day. However in these unprecedented times we want to
help flatten the curve and keep our staff, our guests and their
families safe.
We look forward to re-opening and will keep in touch as
things evolve. Thank you to all for your kind support. We will
see you again soon.

The Team at Mona’s Roti

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